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Clarence Taylor:


Clarence Served in the military for 21 years. At the conclusion of his military career, he accumulated such honors as THE MERITORIOUS SERVICE MEDAL, THE BRONZE STAR MEDAL, and THE ARMY COMMENDATION MEDAL.


As a side note... He wouldn't brag about these accomplishments or character traits... But we will.


Clarence started iron working in 1972 fresh out of school.  He worked on projects such as large paper mills, power plants, and other, multiple large commercial, industrial, and retail projects. 


After returning from Operation Dessert Storm in 1991 He finalized his retirement papers and opened his own steel business, "CLARENCE TAYLOR CONSTRUCTION", in  December, 1993 and incorporated in January, 1994.

Many would tell you that he is serious about his commitments and known for expediting structural steel installs. Clarence will also only put his name on quality work.  One would also say that he has excellent organizational skills, is big hearted, and willing to help anyone. 

Clarence has attended and conducted a number of mission trips to different countries including Honduras, Argentina, Germany, and Nigeria.  Some mission trips inside the U.S.A. were to Dulce, New Mexico to build an annex building for a local church. He also went to Pine Ridge South Dakota to build a large church, clothing donation center and house on the Lakota Indian reservation.  One of the colder trips were to Alaska, near the Arctic Circle, to help build an orphanage and school for the local native american tribes.

Clarence LOVES....  to chase that little white ball.


Allen Taylor:

(Business manager)

Business development and entrepreneurship has also been a passion. From an earlier age, the thought of how to create a business that goes above and beyond standard expectations. With over 100 years of experience to follow in the family footstep of iron working, it wasn't hard to find the path of the future. As generations go and new decades come around, new ideas and potential opportunities is always at the fore thought. With the responsibility of making sure company and employee growth takes place, it requires one specific mind set. When following the footsteps of 100 years of experience there just isn't any other phrase that describes the company better than " We'll make it happen".  The word "we'll" in this motto means only as a team we can accomplish our goals. Then "make it happen" is to understand where there's a will there's a way.     


Tony Cochrane:

(Sr. Project Manager)

I started in the steel industry when I was 16 years old in High School and have had a long career of 30 years.  My responsibilities here include the organization of fabrication as well as all of the field work with combined scheduling and quality assurance as well as safety for our team.


I’ve proudly lived in the Chattanooga and NW Georgia area for 50 years and in my personal time I enjoy my family, SEC football, and anything outdoors.   I have worked for Clarence Taylor Construction for 15 years and have traveled to over 20 states. I've always enjoyed the process and challenges of the structural side of steel work.  I love watching everyone else’s scope of work hinge off of our workmanship as well as seeing the finished product.  Our vision here is high quality of work and to be the best at what we do.


Blake Teeters:

(Shop Manager)

I've been in the construction industry for 12 years.  I started in residential construction at a young age.  I attended school for Welding and Joining technology at Northwestern Technical college.  I have unlimited certification in (SMAW and GMAW) for structural steel.  I have been with Clarence Taylor Construction for 5 years.  My responsibilities as Shop Manager include quality control of all fabrication, and managing production to make sure all work flow is completed in a timely manner to meet all deadlines for all projects.  What I like most about what we do is the challenges of solving the problem to complete the project and make it happen.


I've lived in the NW Georgia area my whole life.  In my off time I am an avid outdoorsman.  I also enjoy competitive, tournament fishing.  I am a member of Alabama Bass Trail and FLW.


Allison Durham:

(Operations Manager)

I've been a member of the Clarence Taylor Construction family since 1998.  I've taken a few breaks over the years, but always find my way back. I've been involved in many aspects of the business, from accounting to Human Resources, but my latest endeavor is in Operations Management. 

I'm happily married with a teenage son. I enjoy "junking", collecting, crafting, and cooking.  I'm very competitive and enjoy game nights with friends and family.

Tyler Epperson:

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